Bello Anti Wrinkle Cream

Remove wrinkles with Herbs

  • Concerned about expression lines? Consider this gentle yet powerful Anti-wrinkle treatment. It targets effectively visible lines and wrinkles offer immediate visual benefits.
  • Bello Anti-wrinkle cream will help to get rid of wrinkles on face, stomach and other areas of the skin.
  • With Bello Anti-wrinkle cream skin is relaxed, less lined, intensely re-plumped and visibly smoothed.
  • Bello Anti-wrinkle cream visibly and rapidly smoothes wrinkles, even the deepest ones.
  • Relax immediately your skin is more toned and visibly smoothed.
  • Depending on your skin, day after day the appearance of expression lines is visibly reduced. Skin elasticity is reinforced. You look smoother, younger.
  • Bello Anti-wrinkle cream skincare treatment, that visibly helps to correct expression lines and rejuvenate skin features.

Bello Anti-wrinkle cream impacts 3 main biochemical reactions that manifest the signs of skin wrinkles:

  • formation of free radicals
  • lipid peroxidation
  • development of advanced glycation end-products (AGE)
  • With liposomal carnosine a dipeptide that inhibits the formation of AGE.
  • Herbs in Bello Anti-wrinkle cream Tulasi and Aloe vera act as anti-fungal agents. This soothing property positively effects glossy and fair complexion.
  • Caffeine in Bello Anti Wrinkle Cream gives this anti wrinkle effect to the skin.

Each gram of Cream is prepared from the following extracts :

Aloe vera (Kumari) 20 mg, Ocimum sanctum (Tulasi) 20 mg, Camellia sinensis (Caffeine extract) 30 mg in the perfumed Cream base. No color is added.


Apply Bello Anti Wrinkle Cream gently on the area where you want to remove wrinkles, use morning and evening.

Packing :

50 gms in Tube pack

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