Q1. What type of cosmetics you manufacture?

A. We manufacture Ayurvedic / Herbal products only.

Q2. Do you manufacture drug cosmetics (Allopathy) ?

A. No

Q3. Under which license you manufacture?

A. AYUSH Department (Ayurvedic)

Q4. What does private labeling mean?

A.Manufacturer(Syndy Pharma) takes the license from Ayush Department to manufacture Your brand( Marketer). In this process, Your Company name will be appeared as Marketed by and Syndy Pharma's name will be printed as Manufacturer on ( Your) Product.

Q5. Is there any difference between the terms White Labeling / Contract Manufacturers / Private Labeling / Third party ?

A. All are same

Q6. Do you take licence for private labelling?

A. Yes. We will take the licence from AYUSH department at cost

Q7. Does licence has to be taken for each product?

A. Yes. Licence will be for each product

Q8. What are the steps for Private labelling ?

A. Product selection -> Product formula finalization -> Agreement -> Licensing -> Packing Selecton -> Artwork -> Commercial batch

Q9. Can you manufacture custom formulations?

A. Yes we can do custom formulations as long as it is under Ayush regulations

Q10. Do you take R&D ?

A. Yes we do at cost

Q11. Do you develop new formulations?

A. Yes we do at cost

Q12. Will there be any MOQ in case of private labelling ?

A. Yes there will be MOQ depending on the product type

Q13. Do you provide Artwork?

A. We can provide source

Q14. Will the brand registration (Trademark ) be done by you?

A. No

Q15. Do you provide Barcode facility ?

Yes we provide at cost

Q16. What is Bello ?

A. Bello is our brand name

Q17.Will there be any MOQ for Bello product orders ?

A. No. you can order as many as you want

Q18.Can we get sample products?

A. Please click on the download catalogue

Q19.Where can i see a full listing of your products?

A. Please find our product catalogue below

Q20.Do you provide Private labelling for products other than Bello range?

A. Yes we do as long as it is under Ayush regulations.

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