Contract Manufacturers Cosmetics in India

Contract Manufacturers Cosmetics in India

Syndy Pharma is one of the most reputed and Best Contract Manufacturing Company in India. The Syndy Pharma is Hyderabad based pharma company with the wide collection of products ranging from the natural and innovative remedies such as tablets, syrups, capsules, health care and personal care and other pharma products. These are manufactured from high grade ayurvedic remedies, protein, minerals, vitamin and other natural resources in the scientific formation. The fresh ingredients are obtained from natural sources to ensure product international quality standard.

Syndy Pharma is one of the Advanced Contract Manufacturers of Cosmetics in India. We are manufacturing quality of products like face creams, face pack, Lip care, and other some of facial products. We have most modern manufacturing facility and the best production capacity. We are committed to produce the best quality of product.

We are formulating various cosmetics like Face creams, Face packs, Lip care products, Kumkumadi lepam, Fresh look and also personal care products like Oils, Hand wash, Shampoo, Gel’s, Mouth wash etc.

We are having vast experience as Contract Manufacturers Cosmetics in India with a team of professionals like pharmacists, engineers, science and commerce graduates, experienced & skilled employees.

Our Manufacturing unit consists well equipped and with great infrastructure and also with eco friendly. Contract Manufacturers Cosmetics in India are must be required well experienced technicians and excellent professions. We also have such kind of great experienced and well talented professionals.

Syndy Pharma is formulating the products as Contract Manufacturers Cosmetics in India. Our Research and Development team is very dedicated to working and offering cutting-edge technologies. They’re bringing the trending advances in formulations and technology.

Syndy Pharma – Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturer

Syndy Pharma will also act as Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturer. We are well experienced as the best Private label Cosmetics Manufacturer. We are offering wide range of services to our Customers who are showing their Interest in Private Label Business.

Everything you need know about Syndy Pharma!!

    Although we specialize in health supplements and medicines, we are a manufacturer and exporter of capsules, syrup supplement contract manufacturers with high quality products. We are one of the best and leading contract manufacturing company and health supplement manufacturing company in Hyderabad, India.

    We are having the facility of advanced laboratory with new types of technological Machines with a name of Contract Manufacturers Cosmetics in India.

    As a contract manufacturer and exporter, we offer a wide variety of health care, personal care products. Each product is value added and right choice for better patient benefits and compliance. By combining strategic research and development knowledge , Syndy Pharma introducing effective products and reprocessing assured ancient formulations into modern technology forms. Be with Best Contract Manufacturing Company in India, we could help you with innovative ideas and developing high quality products.

    Our Company is established with well equipped machines and all industrial manufacturing needs. Contract Manufacturers Cosmetics in India is one of the Pharma Services Offered by our Company.

    Our Team will give top priority to the custom colors and designs which gives the best branding for your products under Contract Manufacturers Cosmetics in India.

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