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Contract manufacturing

We’re entrepreneurial having herbal manufacturing technical know-how with specialized equipment. We are GMP & ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Our key strengths are Transparency, Quick responses and flexibility in operations.


We have manufacturing facilities for

  • Creams (Foot care, Anti ageing, Breast cream, Face cream etc)
  • Gels (Aloe vera Gel, Slim Gel, Stretch Mark gel, Shaving Gel, Hand Sanitizer etc)
  • Lotions (Herbal body Moisturizing, baby milk lotion, Sun Screen Lotions etc)
  • Shampoos & Washes (Intimate wash, Hand wash, Body wash, Baby shampoo etc)
  • Handmade Soaps (Goat milk, Charcoal, Aloe vera, Saffron, Lemon etc)
  • Pain Balms (Both Ointment and Cream form)
  • Lip Sticks
  • Inhalers
  • Ointments (Pain Killers, Kumkumadi Lepam etc)
  • Oils (Like Hair oils, Massage Oils etc)
  • Syrups (Herbal / Ayurvedic Formulations)
  • Capsules (Aphrodisiac, Anti oxidants etc)
  • Ayurvedic Classical Medicated oils

Presently we are doing contract manufacturing / white Label / Private Labeling for 8 foreign companies and 33 domestic companies.
We can also undertake contract manufacturing with your formulations and can offer strict protection of your intellectual property.
We can also supply products on Third party basis with Private label with your brand name in a very reasonable price
with International quality standards.

Please find Products in our website for your immediate reference.

Please let us know can we work together for some of the products. We look forward for positive reply for a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Just present your problem or idea and leave the rest to us.

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